The farming revolution of the future.

Kisaan Station

Complete end to end solutions for government, institutions, farmers & companies with integrated hubs equipped with drones, robot, soil health clinic, agri clinic & storage facilities.

Kisaan Portal

Dashboard driven by data analytics used by institutions to make informed decision about crop yield.

Kisaan Station

Physical hub for all type of farming needs, aving multiple options to facilitate farmers requirement.

Kisaan Link App

The social network for the farmer of the future, on this app farmer can connect & talk to each other as well establshed institutions to learn about best practices to improve crop yield.

Peer to Peer

Farmers can connect with peers using local language options from the app.

Education First

Farmers get access to educational content from industry leaders & organizations.

Flybest, Drones & IoT

Air based drones for spraying, mapping, analytics to help build precise solutions for revolutionary agriculture businesses.

List of Drones

Krishakti spray drone, Oorja mapping, Matang tethered drone, Jalyaan UAV & Deexa IoT device.

Other Air Vehicles

Ojas launch vehicle, Flybest air charter & helicopter services for enhanced unmanned farm solutions.

SaBro Technologies

A highly secure, integrated Software as a service (SaaS) business management system, providing cloud computing and communications services designed for small to medium organisations.


Integrated Telephony, CRM, Sales Management, Inventory, HR, Accounting and eCommerce.

Go Quick Live

Online conference app to maintain personal & professional connections in times of covid.