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DayBest Research Private Limited has won a contract for the delivery of medicine, drugs & vaccines by UAV. The other companies which participated in the tender and lost were prestigious companies like TATA, Spicejet, Delhivery and Bluedart. This tender was one of the most difficult projects for the Govt. of India. The objective was to deliver critical medicines, vaccines and other medical supplies in remote areas using autonomous UAVs, which had high endurance, enough capacity to tolerate difficult weather and a highly skilled professional support team, to operate in difficult geopolitical scenarios.


Central Command Center Dashboard AC-PASS

Dispatch Center Dashboard DC-PASS

Receiving Centre Dashboard RC-PASS

Drone Transport of Microbes in Blood and Sputum Laboratory Specimens: Introduction

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones are a growing technology that has the potential to transform medical care and health outcomes worldwide. With novel data terminals, propulsion principles, and sensing equipment, drone designs have become a popular topic of research. Additional features, such as cameras, radar, micro size, and communication systems, also make drones highly beneficial in surveillance, radiofrequency assessment, cargo delivery, agriculture, and medicine. Although drone development for medical purposes falls behind other drone applications, such as photography, more and more experts support the implementation of robotic aerial systems within medical settings.

Process of Medical/Vaccine Delivery

• Analysis for Complete Flight.
• Situational Awareness & Analysis.
• One Point Contact for Operation.
• Central Command Module for fleet management & Operation.

• Aircraft Configuration & Delivery.
• Pilot Verification GCS Installation.
• Weather Station Installation.
• Training for Stakeholder for Delivery & Dispatch.
• Recharge/Refueling Facility.

• Survey of Delivery Location & Landing, Port Preparation
• Mapping & Pre Flight Process.

• Test Flight
• Temperature Testing of Vaccine/Medicine.

• DGCA Approval.
• Intimation to Local Authority.
• Initiation to ICMR Officials.
• Intimation to Dispatch Center.
• Intimation to Receiving Hospital.

•Point to Point Delivery.
•Sharing Dashboard to all Stakeholder.
•Hospital, ICMR & Asked Agencies.
• Live Feedback for Drone Delivery.

• Intimation to all stake holder.
• Logbook Maintain.
• Flight Data Storage.
• Aircraft Status Checking.
• Consent from Receiver.
• Consent from Dispatch Center.
• Billing