Emergency Response

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Drone & UAV Stations For Disaster, Rescue & Relief in Earth

Earth is vulnerable to Cold Wave, Heat Wave/ Heat Stroke, Forest Fire, Lightning, Flood, Urban Flood, Landslide/ Mudslide, Drought, Road Accident, Fire Accidents, Earthquake, Snake Bite, Naxalism, Epidemics, Animal Conflict, Crowd Management, Chemical (Industrial) Disaster types of hazards. Apart from hazard by Earth, state has high impact of Naxalism conflict which needs to be addressed as hazard.
• Hazard mapping.
• Adoption and enforcement of land use and zoning practices.
• Implementing and enforcing building codes.
• Flood plain mapping.
• Raising of homes in flood-prone areas
• Disaster mitigation public awareness programs.
• Insurance programs.
• Prevention from biological disaster.

Emergency Command & Control Center

Preparation of current status on life line facilities and infrastructure.

Rapid visual assessment of damage to buildings.

Assessment of Causalities.

Assessment of Transport requirements.

Assessment of requirement of shelters.

Flood Relief, Rescue & Early Warning

Out of all natural hazards, flood affects the state most and is one of the devasting natural disaster. In other words, danger of flood is very high in the state. According to the available data by department of Revenue & Disaster Management, the state has faced severe floods in 2005, 2007 and 2018.