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Mapping, Geo Tagging & Geo Fencing

LiDAR based mapping with UAV/V-Tol, Geotagging, Geofencing of area with AI enabled portal access and ERP for Crop Loss Assessment by Drones/UAV, Satellite & Mobile Imagery by Sensor, Spectral & Image Analysis with Source Tracing. Digital Map from Cadastral Map-Measurement of Area with 10 cm accuracy, Geotiff or ortho images, Topographical Survey, Water Reservoir Status, Elevation Mapping Elevation Map and Digital 2D & 3D map will help for planning, conversion and accessible from any devices, agency should provide Drone Image over Satellite Map.

Detection & Alert


Girdawari/Crop Status

Forest Mapping

Some of usages of Drones for Forestry

Challenges of Forestry

The part of forests in the Earth’s biodiversity has much to do with the planting, nurturing, cultivation, and science of trees, groves, bushlands, and wood thickets, which are the key species of forest ecosystems.

Drones, as employed for search and rescue missions, draw in the advantages of immediate relief in threatening situations. As a means of wildlife monitoring and biodiversity checking, UAVs prove to be highly resourceful at random times of distress and danger, which are frequent occurrences in forest ecosystems.

Embodying the features of security and reliability, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles use their abilities to the limits to scan and cover the dense forest areas for potential harm or threats.

Regrettable to mention, but one of the greatest dangers of forests are the liabilities and perils to wildlife and biodiversity. Embracing its association with flora and fauna, forests have to be monitored to ensure the protection of the same.

Although completely eradicating the occurrences of forest fires are next to impossible, we sure can avoid it by miles. Menacing as they are, forest fires owe their devastating nature to more than one cause.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning fueling the drones have proved beneficial in the space of tree disease detection and prevention. LiDAR sensors in drones help accumulate and process data attributed to the wellbeing of trees, vegetation, and bushlands.