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Connected Aerial Network and Automated Command Center

To keep state safe, secure and peaceful, Police Department, can use UAV & Drone based survillance, monitoring and reconiassiance Video surveillance for monitoring crime, especially in dense areas like slums, and in mass gatherings. Over the time, the Police forces’ needs have evolved to adapt to the variety of different situations that may arise on the field. Drones are decidedly one of the best new tools made available to the Police forces. Only a few years ago, when drones appeared on the market, the Police forces leaders still did not imagine the added value of these unmanned aircraft for police operations.

Detection & Alert

UAV Position

Height of UAV above ground level

Distance of UAV from GCS

Bearing (Azimuth) of UAV from GCS

UAV Heading/True North Indicator

Ground Speed of UAV

Risk Assessment & Fail Safe Mechanism

Inflight Operation